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Kurtz Kustomz Motorsports, Inc.

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Kurtz Kustomz Motorsports, Inc. Technology Driven At Kurtz Kustomz Motorsports, we take a no compromise approach to designing our intake components. We take advantage of the latest in SolidWorks CAD design tools available and produce all of our components on quality CNC equipment for top grade parts that are sure to fit the specified model range and operate as designed for many years to come.

Kurtz Kustomz Motorsports, Inc. - KKM - Ford Lincoln Mercury Air Intake Systems

All of the parts we offer are thoroughly tested for each specific model range we cover, which ensures that the system you receive will bolt straight on to your vehicle and yield top performance under all conditions. We evaluate each system to the vehicle offered and consider the ways in which most systems will see service, then develope a system you can count on to offer true performance gains.

Kurtz Kustomz Motorsports, Inc. - KKM - Ford Ranger Explorer

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We take pride in our work and strive to bring you the latest technology and trends in our product line.

Since 1997, we have been delivering great performance and value into the Ford aftermarket automotive industry.


All material contained on this website and it's subsequent pages is Copyrighted 1997-2006. Contained material is property of Kurtz Kustomz Motorsports, Inc. and cannot be used or reproduced without written consent. Performance products are designed for competition use only and should never be used on public roads, unless so noted for such use. It is the consumers responsibility to check compliance with federal, state, and local laws before operating a modified vehicle on public roads. Performance parts manufactured or assembled by Kurtz Kustomz Motorsports, Inc. are intended for competition use only and are not backed by any guarantees or warranties, and the user assumes all risks involved with the modifying of a vehicle. Drive responsibly and always wear a safety belt.