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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What type of filter does the True-Rev Induction Kit use?

Our induction kits utilize the S&B Powerstack air filter which meets ISO 5011 standards for quality of construction and filtration. The S&B Powerstack is a high quality, cleanable filter which uses a cotton gauze construction, and comes pre-oiled and ready for use with our kits. The filter should be cleaned and serviced every 15-30K miles or once a year with any readily available cotton gauze filter treatment kit from your local auto parts store.

Why is the True-Rev Induction system not labeled as a cold air kit?

Our Testing has shown underhood air temperatures when driving down the road to be a few degrees warmer than outside air . With these results, we do not feel it is necessary to put restrictions on incoming air by placing costly shields or ducting in our induction systems which would cause more restrictions.

Is the True-Rev Induction kit emissions legal in my area?

The True-Rev Induction Kit is designed for competition use and though it does not eliminate any required emissions devices, it does not carry any emissions exemption certificates. The bottom line is check with your state testing stations for guidelines on engine modifications. Our Kits are not C.A.R.B. certified.

Can I install the True-Rev Induction kits myself?

The KKM True-Rev Induction Kit product line comes with complete instructions for easy installation. Basic hand tools are required including a ratchet, 10mm socket, 10-11mm wrench, Torx bits, and straight blade screwdriver. A few select models require a drill and 0.25" bit for mounting bracket installation. Most systems average 15-30 minutes for installation time.

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